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Man Injured At Work In Buggy Accident Receives £6,000

Our client was involved in an accident on 8th May 2010 whilst working as a crew member for an events company. The accident occurred on our client’s first day of employment with the company when he was required to assist with the supervision of customers driving quad bikes and buggies.

He was a passenger in a two seat, off-road buggy, being driven by a customer when the incident happened. As the customer drove the buggy around a bend he hit a rut and lost control, causing the buggy to roll over. As the buggy rolled, our client’s right arm protruded out the side. His right wrist struck the ground and his right shoulder twisted causing the shoulder to dislocate and then pop back into the socket.

The buggy had a roll cage over the top but its sides were open with no webbing to help keep the passengers inside the buggy in the event of the buggy rolling over. Our client also reported that he wasn’t aware of any wrist straps within the buggy that are used to keep passengers’ arms and hands inside.

As a result of the accident, our client suffered a dislocated shoulder and sprain to his right wrist which left some residual symptoms. He was off work for two weeks and once he was able to return, had to take on lighter duties for some time.
The events company failed to engage in court proceedings and our client won the case. He received £6,000 in compensation.

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