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Cleaner Receives Compensation After Breaking Foot In Fall At Work

The claimant was involved in an accident at work in January 2010. She was employed as a cleaner, having her own keys to enter the premises. She entered the main door and proceeded to the rear of the premises with the intention of deactivating the alarm.
Unfortunately, the door to this area was locked and so the claimant proceeded to the area where the key is normally kept which was behind a bandit screen and secured to the metal upright by a piece of blue-tack. The claimant placed her hand behind the bandit screen but could not locate the key in its position. 

She needed to urgently deactivate the alarm and as such, her only option was to climb over the bandit screen. In order to do this she had to position and climb onto a stool, up onto the counter and then over the bandit screen. 

The claimant fell, landing awkwardly and injuring her foot. The claimant was in extreme pain and her foot became very swollen. She finished her shift and then attended A&E where she was examined and x-rayed and it was found she had broken a bone under her foot. She was provided with a special shoe, crutches and medication. 

The claimant took one week off work as a result. 

The defendant denied liability and the claimant recovered £3,000 in an Out of Court settlement.

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