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Man Injured During Fire Evacuation Training Receives Over Six Thousand Pounds In Compensation

Lawyers from our Accidents at Work team have helped a man claim compensation after he was injured during fire evacuation training.

The client, who is a wheelchair user, was relocated to another floor in his place of work and his colleagues therefore needed to be trained on how to assist him in a fire evacuation, as this procedure is different for wheelchair users. During the training session, the trainer unexpectedly picked our client up out of his chair, to demonstrate how to move him into the evacuation chair.  Unfortunately the evacuation chair was not set up correctly for our client.  As soon he was lifted into the evacuation chair, he suffered pain to his back. Due to the injury sustained, our client had to stay off work for a period of 4 weeks.

Following the injury, he contacted our specialist team of lawyers to discuss making a claim.  With our assistance, the defendant admitted liability and he was awarded £6,615 in compensation.

If you’ve been injured in an accident at work, our personal injury solicitors could help you make a No Win No Fee compensation claim. See our Accident at Work Claims page for more information.

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