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Compensation For Woman Seriously Injured In Fall

Our client Sarah, aged 35 at the time, fell down a flight of stairs whilst at a Harrogate bar and restaurant, sustaining a serious head injury.  Sarah took a wrong turn whilst trying to locate the ladies bathroom and was found some time later at the bottom of a staircase leading to the cellar.

Sarah instructed our specialist head injury team in Leeds to investigate her claim of compensation against the owner of the premises, believing that there was inadequate signage in the building directing people away from hazards such as the cellar stairs.  There were no witness to the event and Sarah has been unable to recall the incident herself due the effects of the head injury.  The owner of the premises said that Sarah had consumed alcohol and therefore it was she that was at fault. We therefore commissioned an expert to look at the premises’ for evidence of adequate signage, risk assessment and to check health and safety standards. 

Tessa Herman, of our Leeds office, successfully recovered a significant 6 figure compensation sum on Sarah’s behalf.  Tessa said “Sarah was fortunate to survive the accident but her head injury has left her with significant issues such as fatigue and memory problems which makes it difficult for her to hold down full time employment and enjoy a normal full life, the compensation will enable her to reduce her working hours and pay for some assistance, improving the quality of her life.”

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