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Widower Receives £75,000 As A Result Of Wife’s Death Following Road Traffic Collision

A 66-year-old man has received £75,000 in an out of court settlement following a road traffic collision in which his wife suffered fatal injuries.

Mrs X, who was 59, was out walking her dog when a motorist lost control of his vehicle and collided with her. Mrs X and her dog were fatally injured.  

The driver was convicted of Driving Without Due Care and Attention and received an endorsement of sixpoints on his licence and a £300 fine. We negotiated a compensation settlement on behalf of our client after court proceedings were issued. 

Rebecca Hearsey, Associate Solicitor at our Birmingham office, represented the man in his claim. She said "It is, of course, a terrible tragedy that Mrs X was killed whilst enjoying an early morning walk with her dog and never returned home. Whilst Mr X has received an award this can, obviously, never replace the loving wife he has lost." 

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