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Irwin Mitchell's Leeds Team Secure Compensation For Man Injured In Bus Accident

Claire Newstead, Associate Solicitor in Irwin Mitchell’s Leeds Personal Injury team, has helped a young man to claim compensation after his hand and foot were trapped inside a bus door.

The bus driver refused the man permission to board the bus as it was already at full capacity.  As he was exiting the bus, the driver closed the bus doors on him, catching his hand and foot inside the door.  The bus driver then accelerated away from the bus stop, forcing our client to hop along beside the vehicle until he managed to free his foot from the door.

Our client suffered a sprained ankle together with some minor psychological symptoms as a result of his fear that he would be pulled under the bus and crushed in the wheels. 

After lengthy discussions in relation to liability compensation of over £1,000 was agreed on the man’s behalf. 

The case demonstrates the importance that bus drivers check that their passengers have safely alighted prior to closing the bus doors and setting off and, we hope, will ensure lessons are learnt and accidents of this type are prevented in future.

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