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£15,000 Damages Awarded To Couple On MS Sherry Cruise.

A British couple who celebrated their wedding anniversary with a Nile Cruise have won an out of court settlement following sickness and diarrhoea onboard.

The couple were holidaying on the MS Sherry, booked with UK Tour Operator Kuoni. Both holidaymakers became ill whilst on board the cruise and one was confirmed as suffering from Salmonella. Three years later they were still being affected by episodes of diarrhoea and stomach cramps, and after seeking treatment from their doctor, they have been diagnosed as suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

The tour operator denied liability for the illness suffered but shortly before the Trial, offered an out of court settlement of over £15,000 in damages.

If you have fallen ill whilst on a cruise ship, our accident and illness abroad claims team could help you to secure compensation. See our Cruise Illness Claims page for more information.

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