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Compensation for Driver After Accident at Work

Mr H  suffered an accident at work in November 2008.
The accident occurred as Mr H was operating the tail lift of a van in a yard at his employers premises. It was dark and the yard was poorly lit. His right index finger became trapped between the tail lift and a junction box. A colleague had parked the van too close to the junction box.

The index finger was fractured and Mr H required surgery and has been left with tenderness and sensitivity to the finger tip which will gradually settle.

Mr H was off work for 4 weeks and his activities around the house were curtailed for  a few months.
Liability was disputed and a split on liability was agreed accepting some responsibility on Mr H’s part. A settlement of just over £5400  has been achieved

Louise Morgan said, “It is important that employers ensure that suitable lighting is provided to employees at their place of work.”

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