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Clients Receive Compensation for Accidents in Public Places

Woman Injured By Falling Object On A Train

In June 2009 the client was travelling on a train from London. During the journey one of the plastic grids which is designed to keep the light bulbs in place became loose and landed on the client's head. The accident was reported to the ticket inspectors on the train.

A claim was brought against the train operator for permitting the light fitting to fall onto our client's head and for failing to inspect the fittings to ensure they did not pose a hazard to customers.

Liability was admitted and the client was awarded an out of court settlement of £1,400. Medical evidence confirmed that the client suffered a minor head injury.

Successful Claim After Man Fell Due To Open Manhole Cover

In August 2009 our client was walking along Staniforth Road, Sheffield. He was caused to trip and fall due to an open manhole cover and suffered injury to his ribs.

A claim was brought against the company responsible for the manhole as they had failed to inspect the manholes and left this particular one unguarded within the pavement..

Liability was admitted and an out of court settlement of £1,965.89 was agreed.

Medical evidence was obtained and this confirmed that the client suffered bruised or cracked ribs which 3 months to mend.

Compensation After Nightclub Fall

In December 2007 our client was visiting a nightclub in Sheffield. As she was about to leave the club in the early hours of the morning she slipped and fell due to a wet floor.

Liability was admitted eventually and an out of court settlement of £6,000 achieved.

The client suffered a fracture to her elbow which required surgery. The defendants were negligent as they failed to inspect the area and regularly clean the floors thereby leaving spillages/wet areas along the corridors/floors.

Slip At Garden Centre

In November 2009 our client and her mother, were visiting a garden centre in order to visit the grotto to see Santa.

The mother was holding the child carrying her into the grotto when she slipped on a piece of felt that was not secured down to the floor.

Accordingly both mother and child fell to the ground and suffered injury. Both claims settled £500 for the child and £1,200 for the mother. Our client's mother suffered a black eye and soft tissue injuries and the child suffered bruising.

If you've been injured in an accident in a public place (such as a street or park), our personal injury lawyers could help you claim compensation. See our Accidents In Public Places Compensation page for more information.

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