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Injured Two Year Old Awarded Compensation

Thumb Trapped In Door

The Court has approved a settlement of £52,500 on behalf of our client who was injured when she was less than 2 years old. She had been attending a play group with her childminder, when her thumb became trapped in the hinge of a swing door. Sadly our client suffered the permanent loss of her thumb tip. The door did not comply with the regulations for child play areas and the hinge did not have a protective cover.

Stephen Nye of our Birmingham office conducted the claim and commented: "This was clearly a very serious and painful injury, which could easily have been avoided. My client has adapted well to the loss of her thumb tip, but it still makes life difficult for her and may be more significant cosmetically when she is older. The damages will enable her to access the best thumb prostheses on the market, which will improve function in the thumb, and be cosmetically beneficial."

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