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Compensation for Man After Electric Shock in Accident at Work

The Leeds Personal Injury team represented a client who was injured at work and received £15,000 compensation.

In September 2007 whilst our client was working as an Acoustic Engineering Consultant, he experienced an electric shock whilst using faulty equipment provided by his employer.

This accident caused our client to suffer nerve damage to his right arm.

The specialist personal injury team in our Leeds office made a claim against our client’s employers. We claimed that there had been a failure by the employers to carry out a risk assessment prior to the equipment being issued and failed to ensure that the equipment was suitable for the task for which it was being used and maintained in efficient working order.  As a result, the employer breached the duty of care they owed our client as their employee. 

Cathryn Godfrey, Associate Solicitor for the General Accident Team in Leeds said “Our client has been significantly injured as a result of this accident. It is important that employers follow the correct risk assessments and practices to ensure that all employees are provided with safe equipment that is fit for purpose. If correct procedures had been followed, the injuries our client sustained could have been avoided”.

If you or a loved one have suffered an electric shock injury at work, our personal injury solicitors could help you claim compensation. Visit our Electric Shock & Electrocution Claims page for more information.

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