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Compensation For Child In Claim Against Council

The Leeds Personal Injury team represented a 13-year-old child who was injured as a result of playing in the garden area of flats that were owned and maintained by Leeds City Council. 

In August 2008 our client was playing in the grounds of residential flats; the area had been neglected and was grassy and overgrown.  Our client was running through the grass and did not see the concrete bollard that was laid flat on the ground. The bollard was obscured from view by the overgrown grass. Our client tripped over the bollard and sustained a deep cut to his knee. The wound required several stitches and our client was left with a permanent scar.

The Specialist Team in our Leeds office made a claim against Leeds City Council. Irwin Mitchell claimed that there had been a failure by the Council to carry out appropriate inspections and maintain the area in question. In doing so, Irwin Mitchell claimed that the Council had breached the duty of care owed to our client, as a visitor to the grounds. 

The Council were unwilling to negotiate an appropriate settlement figure and so court proceedings were issued and served on the Council on in August 2010. Following this, Irwin Mitchell was successfully able to negotiate settlement of our client’s claim before the hearing took place. The Council agreed to offer £4,300 in full and final settlement of our client’s claim.  This figure was accepted subject to court approval.

Cathryn Godfrey, Associate Solicitor for Personal Injury in Leeds said “Our client suffered a nasty injury in circumstances which were easily avoidable. It is important that local councils follow the correct practices and ensure that all council-run areas are properly maintained and safe for the people using them."

If you or a member of your family have been injured in similar circumstances, find out more about making a claim against the council.

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