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Woman Receives Compensation for Road Accident

The Glasgow Personal Injury team represented a lady who was seriously injured in a road traffic accident.

Lorna Johnston from Musselburgh was involved in an accident on the A6124 Whitecraig road. A lorry was jack knifed on this road and on our client’s carriageway at a bend. Ms Johnston could do nothing to stop the accident and the front of her car collided with the lorry.

The dashboard of Ms Johnston’s car was pushed onto her abdomen and right leg. Our client suffered serious injuries including a depression fracture to her right knee that required surgery.

Elaine Russell, Partner of the Personal Injury Specialist Unit in Glasgow said “This lady suffered a frightening accident. She was disadvantaged in the labour market and she now walks with a stick. Irwin Mitchell Glasgow managed to secure a six figure sum for this client. This sum was entirely reasonable given the extent of her injuries.”

Ms Johnston said “I was very pleased with the service that I received from Irwin Mitchell.”

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