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Compensation for Family After Misdiagnosis Leads to Death

The family of a man have received compensation after the failure of a GP to monitor and appropriately treat his high blood pressure led to his death. 

Mr X attended the GP on a number of occasions until he was referred to hospital on 19 July 2005.

He was admitted to hospital with accelerated/malignant hypertension. Anti-hypertensive medication was prescribed. The following day Mr X was deemed fit for discharge. 

On 25 July 2005 Mr X suffered a significant stroke and attended the hospital. His blood pressure was elevated. A CT scan of his head showed a cerebral infarct in the middle cerebral artery region. Mr X died on 27 July 2005.

It is alleged that the GP failed to heed the significance of the Claimant’s blood pressure when taken, failed to ask whether there was a family history of blood pressure, failed to stress the risks associated with raised blood pressure and failure to attend appointments, failed to initiate monitoring and failed to initiate treatment.  

The case was settled for £45,000 after the GP admitted a breach of duty.

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