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Compensation Awarded in Military Claim

We secured an out of Court settlement of £50,000 in armed forces compensation for an injured former Craftsman who was serving in the Queens Dragoon Guards. Our client was injured after a live firing exercise that he undertook in Osnabrook, Germany.

He suffered shrapnel wounds to his neck, arms and face. In addition our client also sustained injury to his ears and has now been diagnosed with chronic tinnitus and bilateral labyrinthine hearing loss.

At the time of the accident our client and his colleague were asked to repair a cannon that jammed during a live firing exercise. Due to a safety malfunction on the cannon it fired without warning, causing a block of wood to splinter and inflict injury on our client. Since the military accident our client has been medically discharged from the armed forces.

The compensation was received for the damages for our client’s loss of military career, his military pension and loss of other benefits with military service. It also reflects the pain and suffering that he had to endure as well as his decreased employment prospects.

If you've been injured in a Military Training Accident you might be entitled to claim Military Compensation.

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