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Child Injured Whilst In Care Of Nursery Staff

On 21st June 2007 Corrine Muir’s ten year old daughter was visiting a local park with an after school facility provided by ABC Nursery which was run by Clackmannanshire Council in Scotland.

Alix was playing on a “witch’s hat” roundabout. Two members of staff employed by the Nursery were in charge of 14 children. The staff were sitting at a picnic table about ten yards from the roundabout.

Whilst Alix was playing, some older children, who were unconnected to the Nursery, began playing on the roundabout. They began to spin it faster.

The staff in charge of the children did not notice that the roundabout was being spun faster. Alix lost her grip due to the speed of the roundabout and was spun off the witch’s hat. Alix fell to the ground and broke her right femur.

Irwin Mitchell settled the personal injury case out of court in February 2010.

Corinne Muir, commented “Irwin Mitchell were great to deal with and the service they provided was fantastic.”

Elaine Russell, PI Partner for IM Glasgow said “When any parent leaves their child in the care of someone else there is an expectation that the care will be of a reasonable standard. This did not happen here and a child was injured. It is totally unacceptable. We hope that lessons have been learnt from this incident and processes are put in place to ensure this does not happen again.”

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