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Loss of Liberty Claim for Woman Injured in Fatal Road Traffic Collision

Our Client, Susan from Newcastle, was involved in a fatal road traffic collision which occurred on a country road in North Yorkshire.

The collision involved two vehicles, a Motorcycle and a Ford Focus car owned and driven by Susan’s husband. The collision occurred when the Motorcycle crossed over the white line whilst negotiating a bend and steered straight into the path of the Ford Focus.

The rider of the Motorcycle was projected through the windscreen of the Focus trapping Susan in her seat. She was covered in broken glass and fractured her right arm. Sadly the motorcyclist died. In addition to her physical injuries Susan developed a psychiatric reaction brought on by the trauma of the accident and as a result was committed to a Mental Health Unit under section 2 of the Mental Health Act 1983.

Whilst in a secure unit Susan was deprived of her liberty as she was forcibly detained for 27 days. Although detained for medical treatment Susan was nevertheless stripped of a basic human right, the right to liberty.

Helen Seabury from our Newcastle office believed that the loss of liberty she suffered should be reflected in the compensation awarded to her. Helen was able to secure a claim not only for the physical injuries Susan sustained but for the loss of liberty she endured as a result of the Defendants’ actions.

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