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Compensation for Woman after Excessive Use of Force by Police

On 20 March 2007, Mrs X who was 63 years old was in her home. The family required police assistance as their grandson was wanted on a warrant.

The police arrived and it is alleged officers became aggressive toward her grandson.

Mrs X's husband was also in the backyard with his walking stick and as the officers began to leave, a struggle ensued over the use of force used.

A police officer grabbed hold of the walking stick at the same time Mrs X had hold of it. The police officer started to twist and turn the stick and pushed Mrs X back at the same time.

As a result of this, Mrs X heard her arm crack and screamed out in pain. Mrs X suffered a broken wrist.

A claim for assault was pursued against the police and after court proceedings had commenced was settled out of court for £7500 plus costs.

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