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Compensation For False Imprisonment, Assault And Trespass

Claim against the police

Ifti Manzoor, an expert in claims against the police, acted for Mr Anthony Colcomb in a claim for false imprisonment, assault and trespass against Kent Police.

On 12 August 2008 a counter allegation was made against Mr Colcomb that he had attacked a female.

Police officers arrived at around 8.30pm to the clients home. Two CID officers, Sgt Tingley and DC Barlow, attended with a uniformed officer.

DC Barlow grabbed the client around the throat and forced him onto the sofa, sat on top of him and started to shout.

He was forcibly taken to the kitchen and DS Tingley got hold of a knife and held it to the clients throat and threatened him.

He was arrested for an affray and kept in custody.

Whilst in custody, the uniformed police officer PC Thompson was concerned at the way the client was treated and reported the matter to his supervisors.

This resulted in the 2 CID officers being arrested and charged with common assault. They were both convicted in the magistrates court. DS Tingley was imprisoned for 90 days and DC Barlow was given 300 hrs of community service.

Liability in respect of the civil action was admitted and the case settled for £14,000 plus a letter of apology from Kent Police.

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