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Midlands Woman Receives £16,000 For Tripping Accident

Midlands woman receives a £16,000 out of Court settlement as a result of a tripping accident whilst visiting her local veterinary surgery.

The 65 year old woman tripped and fell due to the presence of a raised slab in September 2008. She successfully pursued a claim against the private owners of the veterinary surgery for the accident which occurred outside the entrance to their premises.

She sustained a displaced fractured of her right elbow which required surgical intervention and insertion of metal work.  She also developed secondary frozen shoulder.

Her claim was settled in September 2009 by Toni Long of Irwin Mitchell's specialist Fast Track Personal Injury Team based in Birmingham.

Toni Long said "the presence of the raised slab clearly presented a tripping hazard.  The owners had failed to repair and maintain their premises and as such the area was dangerous to those visiting the surgery.

"Fortunately my client has made good progress and the matter has been resolved in a timely fashion, without the need to resort to Court proceedings".

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