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Woman Left Scarred After Accident At Club

She had been attending a darts tournament at the club in Barnsley. It was club policy that all chairs are packed away at the end of an event and so she picked up a chair which was situated near the ladies toilet to pack this away. However, as she picked up the chair, she cut her leg on a sharp edging sticking out of the chair leg.
As a result, she suffered a laceration to her right leg and has been left with a V-Shaped scar.

The club admitted liability for the accident.

The claim was settled by Katrina Elsey of Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Accidents in Public Places Team, she said, "If the Club had checked the chairs to ensure that these were adequate for use by visitors to the Club then the accident could have been avoided.

"However, the club failed to ensure that the chair was not defective and so did not see that my client was reasonably safe whilst visiting the Club and this nasty accident was the result."

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