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Spinal Injury at Work Results in £2.3m Compensation

Sean was very seriously injured in an accident at work in late 2000 when working on a construction project. The accident meant that he was paraplegic and would have to spend his life in a wheelchair.

After the initial trauma, Sean started to pick up his life again. He left hospital after almost 4 months staying in a special spinal injury unit and instructed a solicitor to assist him with his claim.

However, the solicitor did not specialise in spinal injury, and Sean soon realised how important it would be for him at that stage to have the support of a specialist spinal injury solicitor. He therefore approached us and our experienced spinal injuries team took over the handling of his claim.

Sean was engaged to be married at the time of his accident. Unfortunately, his relationship changed and he split up with his partner.

We understood that Sean's most pressing need was for accommodation, as he had been living at his mother's home. His solicitor, Ian Bailey, quickly obtained a very substantial interim payment for him to allow him to purchase suitable accommodation to live in. The house also needed alterations to make it suitable for his wheelchair and the interim payment helped him to achieve this.

Unfortunately, Sean then developed a series of medical problems associated with his spinal injury. He needed specialist surgery on his spine and though very reluctant to undergo this very serious surgery, Sean eventually decided to have the operation, which was paid for through a further application to the court for an interim payment.

After a chance meeting one evening in a local pub, Sean was to meet a new partner. Their relationship progressed and soon his partner moved to be with him.

The claim settled shortly before trial for £2.3m compensation, a sum which will provide for Sean’s long term needs and gives him the peace of mind of knowing that his financial worries are minimised. He is now settled at home and has a loving partner and plans to start a new family.

Ian Bailey, one of our specialist spinal injury solicitors, commented: "I have the most tremendous admiration for Sean. He has been through so much and has managed to put his life together in a very positive way. It was, and still is, a pleasure to have known him. I am pleased at the settlement achieved and that he can now live his life financially secure."

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