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Shoulder Injury at Work Case

A Northumberland man has received over £6,300 in compensation after being injured in an accident at work.

Our client was injured whilst working as a butcher for R. Manners & Sons Ltd. in Ponteland, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear.

On the morning of the accident, our client was standing in for a colleague on the mincing machine. He had gone into the large fridge to get some of the products to make mince. As there was only limited space in the fridge he had to back out with the dish rather than turn around.

He was unaware that his colleague had pushed a hydraulic pallet lifter directly in behind him. As he moved backwards he caught his foot on the pallet lifter and fell backwards, hitting his head and right shoulder. He was knocked out for nearly a minute and when he regained consciousness he was in some pain and had a bump on his head, however he continued with his work. He felt pain in his shoulder, however he thought this was muscular and would just simply pass.

When our client came to work the next morning he began to experience severe pain and loss of power in his right shoulder and arm. He went to the Newcastle General Hospital and was told by a doctor that he had damaged the cup joint and ligaments and muscles in his right shoulder.

His settlement was achieved with help from Lucy Proctor of Irwin Mitchell.

Ms Proctor said, "The cause of my client's accident at work was due to the fact that his colleague had failed to warn him that he had placed the pallet raiser immediately behind him. The floor in the fridge was also particularly slippy, meaning he was unable to prevent himself falling.

"This, combined with the fact that the employees were under a lot of pressure to produce large amounts of products, meant that an accident was likely to happen.

"Employers are responsible for the safety of their employees whilst they are at work. As such, they must take every reasonable step to ensure that the correct conditions are in place to prevent needless accidents like this from happening."

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