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Retroperitoneal Fibrosis (RPF) Compensation Claim

We represented Mr Mansfield in a claim arising from his exposure to asbestos brake linings when employed by three former employers as a motor mechanic between 1955 and 1977.

Mr Mansfield sadly suffers from disabling pain and fatigue because of his retroperitoneal fibrosis and faces the risk of renal failure or development of cancer.

Expert engineering evidence and medico-legal reports were obtained on Mr Mansfield's condition of retroperitoneal fibrosis and its connection to his previous exposure to asbestos. A claim was issued on Mr Mansfield's behalf. To our knowledge, no other claim for compensation arising from development of RPF has been successfully pursued.

Further expert evidence was obtained from an expert epidemiologist to report the potential link between asbestos exposure and RPF. The expert concluded that RPF can, on the balance of probabilities, be attributed to asbestos exposure in cases where lifetime exposure exceeds 5 fibre/ml - years. Mr Mansfield's exposure had been calculated (by the expert engineer instructed on his behalf) as 16.21 fibre/ml - years.

More evidence was obtained from an expert in renal medicine. The renal expert supported Mr Mansfield's claim that on the balance of probabilities his RPF was attributable to his previous occupational exposure to asbestos because there was no evidence that he had been exposed to any other causative agent.

Although the defendants to Mr Mansfield's claim did not make any formal admission of liability, they agreed (in February 2007) to pay him £135,000 compensation.

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