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Pothole Claim Results in £15,000 Compensation

The Public Liability Team in Sheffield settled a claim on behalf of a man from Owlthorpe, Sheffield, who suffered an accident as he was walking along the pavement of Thornbridge Drive, Sheffield. He was caused to trip and fall by a pothole in the pavement.

As a result of the pothole accident, our client sustained a fracture to the ulnar stynoid, a bone in his right wrist. He required surgery approximately 8 months after his accident but still failed to regain full use of his wrist.

A claim was pursued against Sheffield City Council, the Highway Authority for the area alleging failure to inspect and maintain the Highway.

The Council admitted breach of duty.

We were able to obtain compensation amounting to £15,575 for the client.

If you've been injured while on council property, our specialist personal injury claims team could help you to secure compensation. Visits our Claims Against The Council page for more information.

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