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Manual Handling Accident at Work

A man has received over £70,000 in compensation after being injured in an accident at work.

Our client was employed as a foreman when he suffered severe injuries to his back in the accident.

His role involved emptying scissors from a vibrator pan, which were mixed in with ceramic chips. In order to bring them to the top, he had to run his hands through to pull them towards him. His chest was against the edge of the pan and arms at full stretch.

As the chips were rotating our client had to pull against the force which causes great strain and is physically hard.

As a result of the stress and strain involved in this role, he suffered the injury to his back.

His claim was settled by Sally Rissbrook of Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Industrial Accident team.

She said, "The manual handling involved in my client's job should have been risk assessed and the dangers highlighted to staff.

"Alternative methods should have been adopted in order to avoid this accident happening."

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