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Man Receives Compensation and Support after Brain Injury

A man is due to receive compensation after he suffered a brain injury in a road traffic accident.

John, aged 84, was seriously injured when the car in which he was travelling as a passenger ran a red light and was struck by a bus. As well as the brain injury, John suffered internal bleeding and a fracture to his leg.

As a result of his injuries, John suffers ongoing mobility problems and difficulties with organising his day to day life, and struggles to undertake various activities of daily living, including cleaning, shopping and meal preparation.

Prior to the collision, John had been living in a two-storey, three-bedroom house which he found he could no longer cope with due to his injuries, and which was totally unsuitable for his needs.  He had previously been fit and independent, and an active member of his local community.

Kate Petchey in Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Neurotrauma Team, based in Sheffield, was instructed to represent John in a personal injury action against the driver of the car.

Kate was able to secure an early interim payment from the insurance company representing the driver and assisted John in purchasing a two-bedroom bungalow close to his family and friends.  The purchase was completed within a year of Irwin Mitchell being instructed.

With the help of the specialist Client Liaison service at Irwin Mitchell, a bathroom-fitter was instructed to alter John’s bathroom to ensure he could bathe safely.  A specialist scooter was also purchased and John’s garage was adapted for ease of access to the scooter to enable John to get out and about in the community once more.

Irwin Mitchell has also assisted John in having his needs re-assessed by social services following the move to the bungalow.

A specialist brain injury case manager has been retained to look at setting up a package of professional support to supplement the basic care already being provided by social services.  This additional input will ensure John is properly cared for during the remainder of his life.

With the assistance of other departments at Irwin Mitchell, John has dealt with the purchase of his new property, made a will and put some money into trust for his family members.

John's case is likely to be finalised over the coming few months, and Kate continues to support John in the meantime. Kate is helping John access the care and assistance he needs to maintain his quality of life following his serious injuries, including liaising with his family, carers and social worker.  John is delighted at being in his new bungalow and is grateful to Kate for her ongoing support.

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