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M1 Crash Victim Receives Compensation

Mr A from Sheffield suffered injuries when his car collided with a truck and rolled over on the M1 in South Yorkshire. The road traffic accident occurred when parts of the truck including the wheel came off the vehicle into the path of Mr A’s vehicle. Mr A collided with the debris causing his vehicle to swerve, hit the central reservation and the vehicle overturned. The driver of the truck was not insured and a claim had to be intimated to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau under their Uninsured Driver’s Agreement.

Our client sustained whiplash injuries to his neck and back, a minor head injury, bruising to his right ear which caused him to contract the condition of tinnitus which is likely to remain permanent.

The truck driver had failed to warn other road users of the presence in the road of debris from his vehicle and failed to ensure that his vehicle was in a good state of repair.

A compensation claim was brought against the Motor Insurers Bureau under the Uninsured Driver’s Agreement. Court proceedings were issued and an offer of settlement was made prior to a final hearing date being listed.

Our client received £18,050 in injury compensation.

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