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Injury Compensation Following Bus Accident

A Sheffield man who suffered injuries to his neck as a result of a bus accident has received £1,100 compensation.

The gentleman was a passenger on a bus travelling from Sheffield City Centre towards Ecclesall Road in March 2007.

The bus was in the central lane approaching a roundabout when the third party, driving an Audi A3, overtook the bus pulling in sharply ahead of it and then attempting and failing to carry out a left hand turn. The bus driver attempted to avoid a collision without success.

As a result of the accident our client was thrown sharply forward from his seat.

He was not immediately aware of any physical injury but that afternoon noticed neck pain and stiffness.  When his symptoms worsened, he sought the advice of his doctor who diagnosed a whiplash injury.

The settlement was concluded by Kay Bailey, one of our specialist public accident solicitors.

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