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Hospital Failings Lead To Still Birth

Deborah Linster Ali, whose baby, Jacob, was still born at Warwick Hospital, has received an apology from the hospital and compensation.

Deborah’s pregnancy was uneventful but when her baby’s due date passed, it was decided that she would have to be induced.

On several occasions, Deborah expressed her concern about the baby’s growth and the fact that she was overdue. The hospital failed to acknowledge that this was a problem.

Deborah was eventually admitted for induction 11 days after her baby’s due date. She had previously been turned away due to lack of beds.

The monitoring of Jacob’s heart rate was insufficient and he passed away in the womb without doctors knowing he was in distress. With proper monitoring doctors would have noticed earlier that Jacob had problems with his heart rate and Deborah could have been given a caesarean section.

Sadly, Deborah had to give birth to her baby after he had passed away.

Deborah pursued a claim against the NHS Trust with assistance from clinical negligence solicitor Julie Lewis. She was awarded £20,000 damages.

If you or your child have suffered a birth injury, our medical negligence solicitors could help you claim compensation. See our birth injury claims section for more information.

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