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Compensation For Man Assaulted By Police Officer

Police Misconduct

In April 2007 our client attended a police station in Leeds as an appropriate adult for his 16 year-old son who had been arrested.

After speaking with his son, our client spoke to a police inspector and wanted to be let out of the police station. He began to walk along a corridor towards the public entry door and as he got to the door he heard footsteps, turned round and was face to face with the inspector who indicated "you are not going anywhere". The inspector then assaulted our client striking him three times in the chest. The inspector also shouted out instructions to other officers nearby to "lock him up".

A CCTV camera positioned near the custody desk clearly recorded much of the incident.

Upon our client's release from custody, he made a complaint which was upheld.

Our client's claim for false imprisonment and assault and battery was settled with help from Ifti Manzoor of Irwin Mitchell's specialist Actions Against the Police team.

If you believe you have been unfairly treated or unlawfully arrested by the police, our police complaints solicitors could help you claim compensation. See ourProtecting Your Rights page for more information or inquire online.

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