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Compensation for Finger Injury at Work

Our client was working as a temporary worker at the Defendant company when he was asked to work on a press machine that pierces holes in pieces of metal. Our client informed the manager that he did not know how to use the machine and had not been trained how to use it. Our client was told not to worry and was shown only once how to use the machine.

Our client had only made a few holes when the press machine came down on his left index finger. Our client was in shock and fully expected when he removed his gloves that his finger would come off at the same time. Fortunately he only suffered a crush injury to the finger from which he has made a good recovery.

Immediately after the accident a colleague came over to help our client and noticed that the guard on the machine was not in place. Because the client received inadequate training, he did not even know the guard on the machine was not in place.

A work injury claim was pursued by our experts and compensation was settled at £2,300.

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