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Compensation for Broken Hip at Work

Fall from ladder at work

Our client was a hydraulic fitter for over 15 years and sustained a broken hip at work when falling from a ladder.

He was retrieving files due to a planned office move so they could be reviewed and sorted for moving. The files were kept on the roof of a building which was about 8 foot high. The only ladder available on the premises was an extendable ladder and he used this to climb up to reach the boxes of files.

During the task the ladder slipped causing our client to fall 8 feet to the fall. He suffered a broken hip which had to be operated on and pinned. he underwent physio and had exercises to facilitate mobility and movement and was unable to walk any distance without pain. He had to use crutches following the surgery and was immobile for some time. The injuries affected his hobbies of running, football, gardening and he still has a slight limp.

In an out of court settlement, he received £9,000 in injury compensation.

If you've suffered an injury at work after a fall from a ladder, our expert personal injury solicitors could help you claim compensation. Visit our Ladder Fall Compensation Claims for more information.

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