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Claim for Dermatitis Against Former Employer

Mr James Quinn of Leeds brought a successful claim for dermatitis against his former employers Mone Brothers Civil Engineering Limited.  Mr Quinn was employed with Mone Brothers from 1985 to 2004 as a machine driver.

In the course of his employment Mr Quinn was required to fill up machines and came in to contact with diesel, hydraulic and engine oils along with lubricant grease on a daily basis. In early 2004 Mr Quinn developed dermatitis which is an inflammation of the skin usually in the form of a red rash. The eruption started on the back of his hands and fingers and wrists.  It began as purple reddish blotches on the hands and then as red spots on the arms.

Mr Quinn alleged that the cause of the dermatitis was through his former employer’s negligence in not supplying adequate washing facilities or adequate personal protective equipment in the form of gloves.

The claim was settled out of Court by way of negotiation.

Lee Carnall of Irwin Mitchell Solicitors stated that "Mr Quinn suffered from the dermatitis on contact with the oils in his employment and has lasted for sometime causing him considerable discomfort.  Employers should realise the risk in exposing their employees to harmful substances and do everything possible to provide all forms of protection".

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