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Birmingham Assault Victim Wins Appeal

Head Injury Compensation

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeals Panel has ruled in favour of a Birmingham man who was viciously assaulted and sustained head injuries in 2004.

He had previously made an Application for compensation to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority but his case was rejected on two occasions.

We were able to ensure the matter proceeded to a full appeal hearing and the appeals panel agreed that the earlier decisions had been incorrect and he was entitled to a full award of compensation under the scheme.

The extent of the award will be determined at a later hearing. Stephen Nye, who represented the victim, commented: "I am of course very pleased with the decision of the appeals panel, justice now having been served.

"It was always my view that the earlier decisions to refuse an award of compensation were incorrect and the panel decision clearly shows that we were right to take this matter to an appeal. Once the matter is resolved, the award of compensation will provide my client with much needed financial security, given that he has ongoing problems and disabilities as a result of the injuries he sustained."

If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of a violent assault, our criminal injury claims team could help you  to secure compensation. Visit our Assault Compensation page for more information.

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