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Successful Dog Bite Claim After Boy Attacked

We helped a seven-year-old boy to make a dog bite claim after he was attacked when out walking with his family.

The boy was walking along a public footpath with his father and brother. The path ran adjacent to a farm.

Suddenly and without warning a loose dog approached our client and his dog. We understand that as our client tried to pull his dog away, the loose dog which was owned by the farm but our client on the chest. The boy suffered a dog bite injury to his chest wall and was left with a faint scar measuring approximately 8cm.

A dog bite claim was made against the farmer for allowing the dog to be out of control and loose within a public place. Liability was never admitted but the defendant’s insurers agreed to settle the claim. A sum of £2,500 was agreed and approved by the Sheffield County Court.

Katrina Elsey who represented the boy and his family said: “Dog owners are urged to ensure that they do not allow their dogs to be out of control and loose within public places.”

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