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Retail, Leisure & Hospitality

Consumer facing and retail businesses are often in the spotlight when it comes to being responsible. Fair labour practices, hyper consumerism and waste, safe working environments, packaging and marketing claims are all in a day’s work for these businesses.

Organisations who embrace responsible business, have the opportunity to create competitive advantage, winning over customers who are increasingly interested in companies who showcase their values, and attracting the best talent. Sustainable practices give rise to cost saving and efficiency, with new technology and innovation constantly evolving to help businesses have a more positive impact on the environment and communities.

Our diverse team of consumer and retail specialists can advise on how to anticipate and plan for ESG considerations in this fast-moving environment to protect your business, build your reputation in this space, comply with regulations and ensure sustainable growth.

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"Everybody Wants To Make A Difference"

Charlotte Rees-John leads the team who specialise in our consumer and retail space. Hear more about the impact of ESG in this sector, the importance of the people at the centre of these businesses, and how our experts can help you achieve your goals.

Overcoming Disruption In The Consumer Sector

UK Powerhouse is our quarterly economic growth report charting the regional effects for businesses across the UK. What does 2022 have in store for the consumer sector? Our latest report explains the recent challenges that have affected consumer businesses, and what's likely to continue disrupting the sector in the future. It will also provide recommendations from both our legal teams and the CBI.

Overcoming Disruption In The Consumer Sector
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For all ESG enquiries, please contact Charlotte Rees-John, Partner, by phone or email.

0161 259 0864