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About John Palmer Timeshare Fraud

About John Palmer

IM has liaised with the Timeshare Consumers Association to bring an action against John Palmer on behalf of victims of his timeshare fraud to recover their losses.

With our help over 350 individuals have already issued proceedings against John Palmer and obtained a judgement for over £3.8m, plus costs.

What's new

The Trustee continues his efforts to recover the €500k held at the Spanish Courts which is believed to be an asset of the bankruptcy estate. A fresh petition was recently served in the Spanish Courts to recover the funds due to previous complications in the Courts and the Trustee made additional visits at his own cost to Spain to progress the matter. We continue to liaise with our Spanish lawyers. Whilst all efforts are being made to recover these funds, due to the complexities and difficulties involved in recovering funds from Spain, there can be no guarantees about recoveries for creditors.

The Trustee has also identified a potential additional claim in the UK against an associate of the Bankrupt regarding the transfer of bankruptcy assets and we are liaising with the relevant party and their advisors to determine their obligation, if any, to return the assets/sums due and the quantum of the same.

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