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About John Palmer Timeshare Fraud

About John Palmer

IM has liaised with the Timeshare Consumers Association to bring an action against John Palmer on behalf of victims of his timeshare fraud to recover their losses.

With our help, over 350 individuals have already issued proceedings against John Palmer and obtained a judgement for over £3.8m, plus costs.

What's new

We have now uploaded our final invoice on the Palmer Consumer Timeshare Action to IM Share, our secure extranet service. If you are a claimant to the timeshare action and would like to view the bill, please contact Serena Eddy at Irwin Mitchell on (+44) 020 7400 8756 or serena.eddy@irwinmitchell.com, who will give you access to the document.

Creditors are also advised that a new bulletin has been uploaded for May 2018, detailing updates regarding the bankruptcy estate of Mr Palmer. This can be found below.

A final report to creditors is being prepared and will be uploaded in due course. 

If you can't view the bulletins, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.