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How To Claim Compensation For Personal Injury

Will My Personal Injury Claim Go To Court?

Our specialist personal injury solicitors aim to secure the best outcome for you and this may mean that we need to take your case to court.

Most cases we handle are settled before they reach court. If your opponent has accepted responsibility for your injury or illness, our Personal Injury team will always try to negotiate a settlement that takes into account your pain, suffering, future care costs and expenses you’ve incurred.

If we can’t negotiate a suitable compensation package, or if the opponent denies responsibility for your injuries, we’ll start with court proceedings.

Visit our personal injury section to find out about how you could make a compensation claim

What Happens When You Start Court Proceedings?

When the court receives the details of your claim, it will decide how your claim will proceed, looking at factors such as complexity and financial value. The court will set a timetable and dates for when it needs information from us and will also organise a trial date.

At this time it’s vital that you’re represented by a good solicitor as documents need to be submitted by certain dates.

What If A Trial Date Is Set?

To prepare for your trial, we have to give the court a list of all the documents relevant to your case, such as medical reports and witness statements. You should keep anything that you feel might be useful and let us know if you receive any new documents during your case, so we can look over it and inform the court.

When we send documents to the court, we’ll ask you to read through and sign the evidence. This is used as a way of ensuring that all details included are correct. We’ll make sure that you fully understand everything that’s written in these documents and will ensure that you’re happy with what’s happening.

The court will always try and set a trial date that’s practical for all parties involved, taking into account matters such as your health and the complexity of the case. If your case reaches trial, we’ll be there to support you.

Can I Still Settle Out Of Court After Starting Court Proceedings?

Even if a trial date is set your case may not necessarily go to court, as many claims are settled before the trial starts.

In these situations we always make sure that we negotiate a compensation package that is appropriate to your individual circumstances.

Our personal injury lawyers will make your entire case as easy as possible, keeping you up-to-date with any progress and explaining each stage in clear English. You’ll always be able to contact us with any questions and if your case does go to court, we’ll make sure that you’re fully supported and understand what’s going on.

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