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Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Breast Surgery Compensation Claims

When things go wrong during cosmetic breast surgery, the consequences can mean that you suffer both physically and emotionally. Instead of seeing the improvements that you were promised, you might be left in severe pain and with disfigurements such as scarring or a lack of symmetry.

You can rely on us for expert advice as our lawyers have experience in handling a variety of cosmetic breast surgery claims. We have a proven track record of success in these cases and can help you claim compensation if you experienced negligent treatment during:

  • Breast augmentations
  • Breast reductions
  • Breast uplifts
  • Breast reconstructions

Our lawyers have handled thousands of breast reduction, uplift, and implant claims and could help you get compensation to cover corrective procedures and psychological rehabilitation.

We accept many cosmetic breast surgery claims on a No Win No Fee basis* which means that even if your case is unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay any legal fees.

We also have experience in handling claims for people who’ve experienced negligent breast surgery abroad. If you sought cheap surgery overseas but have been left with undesirable results due to errors, our solicitors are here to help.

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Cosmetic Breast Surgery Compensation - More Information
    • What Constitutes Negligence?
    • No surgical procedure comes without risk, and issues such as infections and dissatisfaction with the results can happen even when negligence hasn’t taken place. However, you might be able to make a cosmetic breast surgery claim if the medical professional treating you:

      • Didn’t tell you the risks of the procedure
      • Failed to spot a medical condition
      • Administered the wrong dosage of anaesthetic
      • Made an error during your surgery
      • Used faulty medical equipment (including faulty or damaged implants)
      • Provided a substandard post-operative care

      When negligence does occur, the consequences can be devastating. Your procedure may have been an investment towards an improved, more confident lifestyle, but you can be left suffering consequences including pain, poor health, physical disfigurement and even psychological trauma.

      If you would like to find out more about making a claim, contact us free on 0800 121 6567.

    • What Can Compensation Pay For?
    • By making a cosmetic breast surgery claim, you might be able to access compensation which accounts for:

      • Your pain and suffering
      • Costs of any corrective treatment you require
      • Counselling support
      • Loss of earnings
      • Expenses (such as travel costs to hospital appointments)

      The amount of compensation you’re likely to receive will depend on a combination of the above factors and the severity of your injuries.

      If the organisation responsible for the negligent treatment accepts responsibility early on, we could also help you get access to interim compensation payments. These payments can help cover your on-going care costs (including corrective surgery) and expenses (such as travel expenses) while we’re working on your case.

    • Can I Make A No Win No Fee Claim?
    • Many of our cases are funded with a No Win No Fee agreement. This means that there’s no financial risk* to you when making a compensation claim.

      At the start of your case we’ll discuss funding options with you, advising you which we think is most suitable. If you have legal expenses insurance (LEI) or are covered by a trade union policy, these may be best for you. Legal expenses insurance is included in many household insurance policies, so it’s always worth checking whether you’re already covered.

      If we think you’re best supported by a No Win No Fee agreement, we’ll explain the process clearly. This involves setting up an insurance policy that will protect you, at no cost to you. You’ll only have to pay anything when your claim is successful – your opponent will pay most of our fees.

      Please visit our No Win No Fee page for more information on how it works.

    • What Will Happen When I Make A Claim?
    • After you’ve contacted us, we’ll set up a free initial consultation to discuss your case and whether you have a legal claim. We’ll discuss what funding options are available to you to pay for your claim, including No Win No Fee agreements*.

      We’ll then get in touch with those responsible for your negligent treatment at an early stage to see if they accept the blame for your injuries. If they accept responsibility, we’ll try to secure interim compensation payments which can fund private medical care and on-going expenses, before your claim fully settles. Any interim payments will be taken out of your final compensation award.

      Our experts will look into your case in detail, gathering evidence from independent medical professionals. These experts evaluate what care you should have received and can determine any future implications to your health. They’ll also advise us on the care you’ll need in the future.

      We’ll always try and negotiate claims out of court, keeping the claim process as short as we can. However, if your opponent doesn’t accept responsibility or doesn’t agree with the amount of compensation we feel you need, we’ll start court proceedings.

      Even when trial dates have been set, claims are still often settled before reaching court. If your claim does need to go to court, we’ll be there to help you every step of the way, talking you through what will happen so you feel as comfortable as possible.

    • Who Can I Make A Claim Against?
    • We can help you make a cosmetic breast surgery claim against your surgeon whether they were working at an NHS hospital or private clinic. Our team can also handle cases which involve cosmetic surgery abroad. Every medical professional has a duty of care to you as a patient, and if they fail in this duty of care and it caused you suffering, you may be able to make a claim.

      You’ll normally have three years to make a claim in the UK, no matter who your claim is against. If your negligent treatment happened overseas, different time limits might apply so we encourage you to get in touch with our experts as soon as possible.

      To find out more about how we could help you, contact us on 0800 121 6567.

    • Meet The Team
    • Our cosmetic surgery claims team understands that when errors are made during your breast surgery, you can suffer from both physical and emotional consequences. We know what is takes to get the best outcome for you and will work hard to get the compensation you deserve.

      Mandy Luckman heads up our national cosmetic law team and is seen as a leading legal figure within the industry, frequently appearing in the press as an authority on cosmetic claims.

      The team also supports the Safety in Beauty campaign, helping raise safety standards within in the beauty industry to make sure negligent treatments don’t happen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Different Types Of Breast Surgery?

Breast augmentation can also be known as breast implant surgery or breast enlargement surgery. This is the most common type of cosmetic surgery in the UK and involves breast implants being inserted to enhance the size and shape of the breast...

In the UK there are two types of implants that are commonly used, these are:

  • Silicone gel implants – these can be liquid, gel or in solid form
  • Saline implants – made from sterile salt water

There are a number of things that can go wrong if your surgeon doesn’t check your suitability to the surgery or if they insert the implants incorrectly, these include:

  • Capsular contracture – when scar tissue shrinks too much, squeezing the implant and making the breast feel hard. This can cause pain and discomfort and can need further surgery to solve the problem.
  • Ruptures – this is a common problem which involves the implant splitting. Signs of a rupture can include swelling, redness and tenderness. If you have saline implants, ruptures shouldn’t be too problematic but it would still be advised that your implants are removed or replaced. However, if you have silicone implants, a leak can cause siliconomas or a gel bleed.
  • Siliconomas – these are small lumps of silicone which can be very tender. Sometimes silicone can spread to the muscles under your breast, armpit, arm nerves and lymph glands causing more serious problems.
  • Gel bleeds – if silicone molecules get into the lymphatic systems, your glands can swell and become uncomfortable.
  • Seroma – this is when fluid builds up around your implant which could need draining in severe instances.
  • Scarring – all implant surgery will involve scarring but sometimes scarring can become red, lumpy or painful.
  • Creasing and folds – kinks, folds and ripples can appear especially when a woman has very small breasts prior to surgery.
  • Nipple sensation – nipples sometimes become painfully sensitive and if this hasn’t resolved within six months you should visit your doctor.
  • Infections– your implant might need removing if it becomes infected.

Breast augmentation surgery should be carried out using techniques which reduce the chances of any of these conditions developing. If your surgeon doesn’t pick-up on signs of the above during your post-operative appointments, or didn’t take precautionary measures, you might be able to make a claim.

If you’ve experienced any of the above problems because your surgeon made an error during your treatment, you might be able to claim compensation. To find out more about making a claim, contact us free on 0800 121 6567.

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What Is Breast Reduction And What Are The Risks?

Also known as reduction mammoplasty, female breast reduction surgery is used to reduce the weight and volume of the breasts by removing fat, glandular tissue and skin. Men can also have breast reductions, known as gynaecomastia, to reduce the appearance of breasts.

Breast reductions are normally performed on women because they’re experiencing physical discomfort due to their large breasts. However problems can occur during this type of surgery, especially when safety procedures aren’t followed.

We could help you make a claim if errors caused you to suffer from:

  • Uneven shape – after reductions the breasts may change shape, sometimes becoming lopsided and lumpy. The nipples might also seem uneven.
  • Wounds – infections, wound separation and skin loss may happen causing discomfort. Sometimes you can experience fat narcosis (fat in the breasts dying).
  • Nipple sensation – nerve supply to the nipple can be damaged during surgery meaning sensation can be lost. Sometimes the blood supply to your nipple can be disrupted meaning your nipple could die and fall off.
  • Haematoma – bleeding can happen inside the breast tissue which might need operating on for it to stop. This normally happens within 24 hours of your initial surgery.

Your surgeon should do all they can to stop any of these conditions occurring, including providing appropriate post-operative care.

If your surgeon was at fault for injuries you sustained after breast reduction surgery, we might be able to help you make a claim. To find out more, contact us on 0800 121 6567.

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What Is Breast Uplift Surgery And What Are The Risks?

Breast uplift surgery can also be called a mastopexy and involves the surgeon removing excess skin by making an incision around the nipple or in the crease underneath the breast. This tightens the remaining skin, with the nipple being repositioned a little higher.

Things can go wrong during breast uplift surgery, including:

  • Haematoma – there’s an immediate post-surgical risk of this condition which involves a swelling of clotted blood.
  • Scarring – excessive scarring can occur caused by incisions.
  • Unsymmetrical breasts
  • Fat necrosis – fat in the breast can die off, leaving them red and lumpy.
  • Nerve supply – the nipples can lose sensation and/or the ability to become erect. The blood supply can also be disrupted, causing the nipple tissue to die off.

These problems can occur naturally but sometimes they result from medical errors. Before surgery your doctor should analyse your chances of suffering from the above conditions and inform you about the risks. Steps should always be taken to prevent complications from occurring, including providing thorough pre and post-operative care.

If you’ve suffered because of avoidable errors during your breast uplift surgery, we might be able to help. To find out more contact us free on 0800 121 6567.

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