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Seaman And Wife Granted Decree Nisi

Former Footballer In "Quickie Divorce"


The wife of the former England and Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman has been granted a "quickie divorce" after claiming her husband had committed adultery.

London High Court pronounced a decree nisi in three minutes and 25 seconds after Seaman admitted to the extra-marital affair.

When asked in the court papers if she found it intolerable to live with the respondent, Debbie Seaman simply replied: "Yes."

Documents released by the court showed she had first became aware of the incident last July.
Neither of the pair, who were married at Castle Ashby House in Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire, on July 15 1998, attended court.

Seaman reportedly separated from his wife last Spring before moving in with skating professional Frankie Poultney, whom he met through the television show Dancing On Ice in 2006.

The Debbie and David Seaman have two children. The former Arsenal star, who won 75 caps for England, also has two children by his first marriage.

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Peter Morris from law firm Irwin Mitchell said: “In uncontested cases were the arrangements for any children are agreed, it is not necessary for either of the spouses to attend court. Instead the case follows a more streamlined process called the ‘Special Procedure’. This is used in the vast majority of divorce cases and is often referred to as a ‘quickie’ divorce. This option was available in this case as David Seaman admitted the allegation of adultery made by his wife.”