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Illness outbreak in Bulgaria at Riu Miramar and Riu Helios Hotels

Illness in Bulgaria - Riu Miramar & Riu Helios Hotels


More than 70 British Holiday makers are complaining of appalling conditions and widespread illness during stays at the Riu Miramar and Riu Helios Hotels in Bulgaria. There are reports that many guests required urgent medical treatment, with a number of adults and children requiring medication including drips to prevent de-hydration as a result of illness.

Many guests including families with young children fell ill within a few days of arrival. Guests who stayed at the Riu Miramar Hotel at the beginning of July found themselves without water, sanitation and electric after the hotel flooded due to bad overnight storms. The whole of the ground floor of the hotel had been flooded and there were no flood warnings given to the holidaymakers

The hotel became water logged and guests had to wade through mud and silt to get to reception. Frogs were seen in the reception area and the swimming pool was full of mud and slime.

Kevin and Sue Smyth both aged 51 from Cleveland, near Middlesbrough wanted a relaxing break in Bulgaria. But Mrs Smyth has said "my husband and I ended up walking through muddy water, slime and possibly raw sewage" in an attempt to get out of the flooded hotel.

Riu Miramar hotel illness led to confusion

A number of guests were transferred to the Riu Helios Hotel before being transferred back to the Riu Miramar Hotel. Guests were left confused and on return to the hotel found their rooms had already been allocated to new arrivals at the hotel. Mrs Smyth said that everyone was confused especially the elderly, who were left on their own.

Many guests have already commented that the accommodation did not live up to their expectations of a 4 star hotel. The food is described as undercooked with blood seen in meat and the public toilets are described as dirty with smells of raw sewage.

Matt Smedley, 30 from Northampton suffered from severe diarrhoea and vomiting. He was advised to see his GP on arrival back to the UK where he has been on antibiotics. Mr Smedley has said "This holiday was booked as a relaxing summer break, instead this turned into the holiday from hell. There clearly had been a flood in the hotel before we arrived and instead of closing down, they stayed open and people were becoming severely ill, all at the same time. I remember a number of people being put on intravenous drips including children."

Bulgaria illness claims to be investigated

The holidaymakers travelled to Bulgaria with Thomson and claims for compensation are being investigated by Irwin Mitchell Solicitors in Birmingham.

Clare Pearson of Irwin Mitchell Solicitors says "We have been contacted by more than 70 holiday makers in relation to their holidays at these hotels and we are expecting enquires from others as it seems there has been a wide spread problem at the hotel during the period of July and August this year.

"Every year we act for people who have been on holiday and who have suffered illness. Often these illnesses can have a long term and serious impact on health. Sadly we have seen a recent increase in the number of cases arising out of holidays in Bulgaria."

Do you have a claim? If you or someone you know has been effected by illness at the Riu Miramar or Riu Helios hotels in Bulgaria, or any other holiday illness abroad, our solicitors can help. Visit the illness abroad compensation section.