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How Often Do You Work With Referring Law Firms?

We work with a number of other law firms as co-counsel to ensure that the best results are achieved for the victims and families involved in aviation accidents.

We are regularly approached by other law firms from overseas and the UK who recognise the benefits of working with a specialist aviation law practice that is located in London (the main location of the global aviation insurance providers and their lawyers). We also have the unrivalled resources and expertise to investigate, develop and litigate all forms of aviation disaster cases in jurisdictions around the world, including the US.

Additionally, for overseas air accidents we often work with local law firms, enabling us to provide a more comprehensive legal service to the victims of aviation disasters and their families. They benefit from our aviation expertise and resources and in addition also maintain face to face contact and receive legal services from local lawyers.

We work with co-counsel on a transparent and fair fee sharing basis. The co-counsel agreement sets out the respective duties and the division of fees. We work closely in partnership with our co-counsel firms for the duration of the case.

If you represent (or are interested in representing) the victims and/or families involved in an aviation accident and would like to discuss the possibility of working with us, please contact Clive Garner.

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