The Irwin Mitchell Aviation Law Team has been involved as claimant aviation lawyers in the following cases:

Heavy Airliner Cases

Flight Year Aircraft Incident
Thomas Cook Flight TCX149  2013 Airbus A330 Cabin smoke diversion (Bermuda)
Lion Air Flight 904  2013 Boeing 737 Crash on approach (Indonesia)
Air Bagan  2012 Fokker 100 Crash on approach (Burma)
Air Berlin Flight AB7425  2012 Airbus A330 Engine failure (Thailand)
Thomas Cook Flight TCX2038  2012  Boeing 767 Smoke in cabin (Ireland) 
Jet2 Flight LS117  2012 Boeing 737 Smoke in cabin (Scotland)
Thomas Cook Flight TCX3549  2012 Boeing 757 Smoke in cabin (Scotland)
Dana Air  2012 Boeing MD-83 Crash on approach (Nigeria)
Sukhoi Airliner Demonstration Flight  2012  Sukhoi Superjet Crash into mountain (Indonesia) 
Virgin Atlantic  2012  Airbus A340 Passenger seatbelt airbag detonation (USA) 
Bhoja Air  2012  Boeing 737  Crash on approach (Pakistan) 
Virgin Atlantic Flight VS027  2012  Airbus A340  Emergency return - smoke warning (England) 
Ryanair Flight FR1703  2012  Boeing 737  Cabin depressurisation (Germany) 
Sunway Air  2010  Illusian IL-76  Crash after takeoff (Pakistan) 
Pamir Airways Flight 112 2010 Antonov AN-24 Crash en-route (Afghanistan)
Ethiopian Airlines Flight 409 2010 Boeing 737 Crash after take-off (Lebanon)
Bangkok Airways Flight 266 2009 ATR 72 Crash on landing (Thailand)
Braethens Technical
2009 BAE 146
Ground incident (Sweden)
Air France Flight AF447 2009 Airbus A330 Crash (Atlantic Ocean)
XL Airways Flight 888T 2008 Airbus A320 Crash on approach (France)
Qantas Flight QF72 2008 Airbus A330 In-flight upset (Australia)
Spanair Flight JK 5022 2008 MD-82 Crash during take off (Spain)
Santa Barbara Airlines 518 2008 ATR 42 Crash into mountain (Venezuela)
TACA Airlines Flight 390 2008 Airbus A320 Crash on landing (Honduras)
British Airways Flight 038 2008 Boeing 777 Crash during approach (England)
AtlasJet Flight 4023 2007 MD-83 Crash during approach (Turkey)
Kenya Airways Flight KQ507 2007 Boeing 737 Crash after take off (Cameroon)
XL Airways Flight 120 2007 Boeing 767 Fumes in cabin (Atlantic Ocean)
American Airlines 2001 Boeing 767 World Trade Centre attacks (USA)
United Airlines 2001 Boeing 757 World Trade Centre attacks (USA)
British Midland Flight 92 1989 Boeing 737 Crash on approach (England)
PanAm Flight 103 1988 Boeing 747 Bomb (Scotland)
British Airtours Flight 28M 1985 Boeing 737 Crash on take off (England)

Business Jet And Turbo-Prop Cases

Flight Year Aircraft Incident
Nepal Airlines  2013 Twin Otter  Crash on landing (Nepal) 
Sita Air  2012  Dornier 228  Crash after takeoff (Nepal) 
Agni Air  2012  Dornier 228  Crash on approach (Nepal) 
Manx2 2011 Fairchild Metroliner Crash on landing (Republic of Ireland)
Regional Air Services 2004 Cessna 208B Engine failure (Tanzania)

Helicopter And Light Aircraft Cases

Flight Year Aircraft Incident
Police Helicopter Glasgow 2013  Eurocopter EC135 Crash (Glasgow) 
RotorMotion Helicopters  2013  Augusta AW109  Crash into crane (England) 
CHC Helicopters  2013  Eurocopter AS 332L2 Super Puma Crash on landing (Shetland Islands)
CHC Helicopters  2012  Eurocopter EC225  Gearbox lubrication failure (Scotland) 
Bond Helicopters  2012 Eurocopter EC225  Gearbox lubrication failure (Scotland)
Grupo One Air Aviacion SL  2012 Tecnam P2002JF Crash on approach (Spain) 
Ravenair Aircraft  2011  Piper Tomahawk  Crash after takeoff (England) 
Moremi Air  2011  Cessna 208  Crash after takeoff (Botswana) 
Southern Aircraft Consultancy INC  2010  Piper PA-31  Crash after takeoff (England) 
Air Nazca 2010 Cessna 185 Engine failure (Peru)
Higher Flights Ltd 2010 Piper PA-31 Pilot incapacitation crash (England)
DC Helicopters 2009 Schweizer 269C Crash en-route (England)
Cranfield DWG 2009 Beagle B121 Engine power loss (England)
Reconnaissance Ventures Limited 2008 Cessna 402C Mid air collision (England)
Helicopteros Insulares 2008 AS350B Crash into terrain (Spain)
Creative Helicopters 2007 AS350 Crash on take off (France)
Helicsa, Tenerife 2006 Sikorsky s61 Rotor blade failure (Spain)
Aero Contractors (Helos) 2003 AS365 Tail rotor failure (Nigeria)
Bristow Helicopters 2002 Sikorsky s76A Rotor Blade Failure (England)
Multiflight Limited 2000 Cessna 152 Loss of control / spin (England)

Military Aircraft Cases

Flight Year Aircraft Incident
Royal Air Force 2009 Puma HC Mk1 Crash during hover (Iraq)
Royal Air Force 2009 Grob Tutor Mid-air collision (Wales)
Royal Air Force 2008 Hawk TMk1 Crash on landing (England)
Royal Air Force 2007 AS350 Mid air collision (England)
Royal Air Force 2007 Puma HC Mk1 Crash into terrain (England)
Royal Air Force 2007 Puma HC Mk1 Crash on landing (Iraq)
Royal Air Force 2006 Boeing Chinook Crash en-route (Afghanistan)
Royal Air Force 2006 Nimrod MR2 Mid-air explosion (Afghanistan)
Army Air Corp 2003 Gazelle AH.1 Crash en-route (Ireland)
Army Air Corp 2002 Lynx AH.1 Crash on landing (England)
Royal Air Force 2002 Puma HC Mk1 Crash on landing (England)
Army Air Corp 2001 Lynx AM.1 Crash en-route (England)
Royal Air Force 1994 Boeing Chinook Crash into mountain (Scotland)

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