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Five Figure Sum For Pedestrian Knocked Down In The Road

Our expert Personal Injury team secured more than £65,000 in compensation for a man who was knocked down in the road on his way home.

One evening in October 2011 our client was heading to the bus stop on his way home. He took care to check that the road was clear both ways before crossing. As he reached the centre of the road, a car came careering down the road and hit him, knocking him unconscious.

He was rushed to hospital in an ambulance, suffering multiple fractures to his leg and ribs, lacerations to his head and considerable bruising. The trauma to his chest bruised his lung, causing difficulty with breathing. He was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit where his leg was put first in a cast and then an external frame was fitted. While in hospital he developed pneumonia. Due to the severity of the pain he was in the Pain Clinic were key to his recovery.

Prior to the accident, our client supported his wife who suffers from a long term illness. He took care of the household work including the cooking, ironing and gardening. After the crash, he became dependant on her, relying on her not only to cook for him, but also help him bathe and dress himself. Although he regained some mobility in his fractured leg once the frame was removed, he was informed that he would never regain full function. He was forced to give up his pastime of hill-walking and now walks with a stick. The ongoing pain of his injuries left him reliant on daily painkillers. He also suffered symptoms of PTSD, such as flashbacks and anxiety, for which he received psychological therapy.

At the time of the crash our client was not employed although he was actively looking for work following his redundancy in 2009. He was an experienced Water Leakage Engineer, a job which involved heavy lifting and required him to walk several miles every day. The effect of his injuries left him at a severe disadvantage on the job market and means that he will never be able to return to his previous line of work.

When we took on his case we ensured he got not only the compensation he deserved but also the support and rehabilitation he needed to make the best recovery he could. After several rejected offers, we secured a level of compensation that we felt adequately reflected the pain and suffering caused to our client, as well as the effect it would have on the rest of his life.

He was represented by Rachel Cox, a specialist Serious Injuries lawyer. She said: “Our client was devastated by the injuries that he suffered as a result of the crash and was desperate to get back up on his feet again. He was actively looking for work before the crash so it could not have happened at a worse time for him.

We obtained interim funds to pay for his private rehabilitation and our expert legal team instructed relevant clinicians and therapists to work with our client to provide a holistic rehabilitation programme for him which was specific to his needs. Our client was committed to engaging in therapies to enable him to make the fullest recovery possible in the circumstances; it is to his credit that he has managed to make the recovery that he has.

Our client was grateful for the rehabilitation that was put in place, particularly the psychological therapy; he had not anticipated the effects the trauma had on him. He was typically an upbeat and positive character before the crash. This therapy enabled him to develop strategies and coping mechanisms which he could refer back to whenever he felt affected. The physiotherapy helped our client regain some independence which had been lost following the incident.

Our client centre-centred approach to putting their needs first enabled us to support him through the process; we delivered to our client an expert hand with a human touch. This resulted in our client receiving compensation which has provided him with financial security. He is now looking forwards with renewed optimism.”

Our client expressed his thanks to Rachel and her team, saying: "At first I was reluctant to instigate a claim, as I wanted to concentrate on my recovery without revisiting the incident by answering questions etc.  However, I am thankful that I followed my brother-in-law's advice by contacting Irwin Mitchell.  A special mention should be made for Rachel Cox and her team at Serious Injuries, who have been superb to me and my wife.  Their dedicated and professional approach to my case was never in doubt, as was their genuine concern for our welfare, throughout the whole process and even after the settlement and closure.  Thank you, Rachel!"

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident as a pedestrian, our personal injury solicitors could help you to claim compensation. Visit our Pedestrian Accident Compensation Claims for more information.

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