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Five Figure Sum For Sheet Metalworker With Acute Hepatitis

Our Industrial Disease team have secured a five figure settlement for a metalworker who was exposed to an industrial solvent at work.

Mr Morris was employed as a fabricator for Space Engineering Services where he was exposed to the organic solvent Xylene while degreasing metal pipework. Due to a defective air hose, Mr Morris was drenched from the waist down in the solvent while he was in an area with no local ventilation, and without a facemask.

As a result, Mr Morris experienced severe physical symptoms including loss of appetite, lethargy, feelings of vagueness, a jaundiced appearance and feelings of low mood and depression. Although he did seek medical advice, doctors struggled with his initial diagnosis and had to undertake a range of tests, eventually diagnosing him with acute hepatitis due to organo-solvent exposure.

After contacting the Industrial Disease team at Irwin Mitchell, our experts managed to prove that Mr Morris had been negligently exposed and diagnosed and secured a settlement of £12,500 which will help Mr Morris access the rehabilitative treatment and medical care he needs to move on with his life.

Alex Shorey, an Industrial Disease specialist here at Irwin Mitchell, said of the case: “This was a very difficult case on both liability and causation because of the rather unusual circumstances of exposure and the subsequent diagnosis. The defendant denied that they were negligent despite allowing Mr Morris to handle a hazardous compound without adequate protection and the use of faulty equipment."

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