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Pensioner Receives Compensation After Being Seriously Injured Crossing The Road

We successfully secured a six-figure sum for a retired lady who was seriously injured while crossing the road.

Our client, Alice, was crossing the road in 2014 when a van pulled out of a junction and ran into her. She fractured her skull and cheekbone and also damaged her leg.

The collision had serious consequences for her life. She began to suffer from anxiety as a result of her head injury and found that her sense of taste and smell was reduced. She developed significant fatigue, which had a debilitating effect on her quality of life – her thinking became sluggish and she had difficulty communicating clearly. Because of this, she found her lifestyle became restricted and she was limited in how much she could do on a day to day basis.

Alice and her husband had initially gone to another law firm, but were very unsatisfied with the advice they were received. The solicitors did not seem to have the experience necessary to secure the best settlement and care for Alice, and had assigned her claim to the minor head injury team without a proper examination. On a neighbour’s recommendation, the couple came to us instead.

As soon as we took on Alice’s case, we worked not only to secure the best settlement, but also to help her make the fullest recovery possible. Solicitor Caroline Mitchell, a specialist in our Serious Injury team, introduced Alice to experts who could offer a proper rehabilitation programme. With the support of a neuropsychologist, occupational therapist and physiotherapist, Alice was able to progress as she hadn’t done before.

We secured a settlement for Alice within 18 months of her accident. The six-figure sum provides support for her ongoing rehabilitation and recovery, as well as compensating the cost of therapy needed in the meantime.

Fortunately Alice’s head injury was not as severe as some of the clients we see. However, it still had a very serious impact on her health and her life, and needed to be dealt with appropriately. Before coming to us, Alice’s condition had been treated as a minor claim, and she had not been offered any therapy or support.

Caroline Mitchell said: “We’re very pleased to have secured this settlement for our client, which will enable her access the care she needs to make a full recovery. Alice’s story does highlight the dangers of choosing inexperienced solicitors, who may not deal with claims in the best way. We’re glad we could take her case forward properly and secure this outcome for her.” 

Alice’s husband wrote to us to thank our team for the work we’d done to help his wife. He said:

“The difference between the two companies was so marked – the original company never mentioned rehabilitation, whereas you established Alice’s needs and then set about addressing them with appropriate therapists who were highly qualified and very competent. This has been invaluable for Alice’s gradual recovery. We have valued your expert advice and support throughout.

“Then, when it came to the settlement, Alice was awarded over four times more than the maximum the other company had predicted!”


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