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Siblings Succeed In Claim Against Local Authority

Irwin Mitchell’s child abuse lawyers helped two siblings claim against their local council after the authority delayed in removing them from a harmful home environment.


Siblings Alex and Jessica were born in 1997 and 1998 respectively and were known to social services from a very young age.

When Alex was less than a year old he was admitted to hospital with non-accidental injuries inflicted by his father. The father received a custodial sentence because of the attack on Alex. Sadly, Alex suffered a brain injury and was left significantly disabled.

Alex and Jessica were removed from their parents’ care following this incident on grounds of physical abuse and neglect. However, they were placed in the care of their paternal grandparents where contact continued between the children and other family members.

Concerns were raised to social services about the welfare of Alex and Jessica on numerous occasions. Their grandmother was witnessed being persistently physically and verbally aggressive towards the children and there were further concerns that the grandparents were too elderly and unwell to meet the children’s needs. 

Despite this Alex and Jessica remained in their paternal grandparents care for a further 10 years. During this time their father was released from prison and the grandparents allowed him access to the children. 

How we helped

Specialist child abuse solicitor, Rosanna Thorne, was approached to investigate a claim against the local authority on behalf of Alex and Jessica.

A letter of allegations was sent to the local authority and they responded with offers of compensation for the children. We sought the advice of a specialist barrister and the offers were accepted and approved at court by a judge.

In relation to the case, Rosanna Thorne said: “I was very pleased to have been able to help obtain compensation for Alex and Jessica, who were clearly victims of severe abuse and neglect throughout their childhoods.

“I was pleased that the council were keen to resolve this matter at an early stage by making fair offers to the children.”

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