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Settlement For Man Who Suffered Serious Injury In Car Crash

Irwin Mitchell’s serious injury specialists acted on behalf of a man who suffered a serious shoulder injury in a car accident.

The incident happened in morning traffic, when a car drove into the back of the vehicle our client was travelling in, shunting them into the car in front. At the time, the man was asleep in the front passenger seat but despite wearing a seatbelt, the force caused him to suffer a serious shoulder injury which has needed extensive treatment. Our client’s injury has never fully healed and still massively affects his life years later.

The man got in touch with our Serious Injury team who were able to secure funds to help his recovery and rehabilitation. As a consequence of the accident, our client sustained a tear to tendons in his left shoulder.

Because the injury wasn’t diagnosed early, despite undergoing surgery, our client suffered a chronic regional pain syndrome and has been unable to return to work. He’s also had problems with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

Prior to the accident, the man was fit and healthy and led an active lifestyle with his wife. They enjoyed cycling, watching football and playing with their grandchildren. He also had his own thriving business, which he tried to keep going, but his injuries left him unable to do many of the tasks he took on previously so he was forced to quit work.

Our solicitors negotiated a settlement of £425,000 from the insurers of the driver who crashed into him, which will help cover his lost earnings, specialist equipment to help with day-to-day living, future treatment and therapy costs.

Ardip Kahlon, a specialist serious injury lawyer, represented our client. In relation to the case he said: “This is a tragic case and highlights to drivers the real consequences of accidents on the roads. Our client’s active life and business has been taken away from him and he has struggled to get his life back on track over the last five years.

“He sustained a very serious shoulder injury which has left him unable to do the job he loves and had worked at for his whole life.

“The settlement will cover the financial losses they have suffered but it will also enable our client to access specialist treatment, care and assistance and to purchase equipment and aids to help with his everyday life. His life has changed forever but hopefully now he and his wife can begin to look forward.”

Our specialist road traffic accident lawyers have experience helping a wide number of people who have suffered injuries following a car accident. Visit our Car Accident Claims page for more information.

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