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Compensation For Woman After Surgical Error

Our medical negligence team helped a woman secure a five figure sum after an operation left her with restricted mobility.

S, a 56-year-old woman, suffered a fall in 2010 and was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary where it was confirmed she had a fractured femur. A pin was inserted into her leg to correct the problem but after surgery, S noticed that her right leg was rotating inwards and it felt shorter than her left. She had restricted mobility as a result.

S had a number of follow up appointments with her surgeon and the rotation was noted. However, no further action was taken as problems were attributed to other medical issues.

A while later S was seen by a second orthopaedic surgeon who advised her to have another operation to correct the rotation. The surgery helped the rotation issue but the shortening could not be corrected.

Following internal investigations, the NHS admitted that S could have avoided her leg rotation problems if the surgery had been performed correctly. Her leg shortening issue could also have been less severe. If the surgery had been performed properly, S would have avoided the need for further surgery and her mobility would have improved within 12 weeks of the operation.

Our team asked experts to look at the case and it was identified that the surgery was carried out negligently with the pin being misplaced. Consequently, S suffered ongoing problems with her mobility and her condition is unlikely to improve in the future.

Ross McWilliams, a solicitor in our medical negligence team, successfully negotiated £45,000 on S’s behalf for her pain and suffering. The amount will also help towards the costs of S’s care and support.

Discussing the case, Ross said: “I was pleased to secure such a healthy settlement for her which will go a long way to assisting with her ongoing care needs and rehabilitation.”

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